Amelia Arsenault

Amelia Arsenault joined the GSU faculty in August 2011 after two years serving as a George Gerbner Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School. Her scholarly interests center on how different international and domestic actors have attempted to leverage the changing dynamics of communications systems, and the ramifications of those activities for international relations, political and social power relationships, and north/south inequality. In this capacity, she has conducted research on global media ownership, the impact of international donors in the southern African communications development, network theory, new media, and public diplomacy. Her current research projects include: an analysis of the new media operations of the influential right-wing activist, Andrew Breitbart; a longitudinal investigation of the activities of international actors in the communications sector in southern Africa; and a co-edited book project (with Rhonda Zaharna and Ali Fischer) on the subject of collaborative and networked public diplomacy. Her scholarly work has appeared in the International Journal of Communication, International Sociology, The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, and Information, Communication, and Society.